Office Hours :Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 5pm | Fri 8:30am - 4pm

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

Paying Your Rent

Our office only accepts direct debit, internet banking and paying at any bank. Our office does not accept cash or eftpos.

Utilities – Telephone, Gas and Electricity

Telephone – Telstra 132 200
Electricity – Jacana 1800 245 090 Emergencies 1800  522 262 Billing, new connections
Elgas – Please contact the supplier that is marked on the gas bottle


Your contents are not covered under the landlords policy it is your responsibility to cover your own items against loss, damage, theft and water damage.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance must be submitted to our office in writing, you can fill out a form included on this website or simply just send an e-mail to

Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are monitored daily and it is your responsibility to keep your rent up to date. If at any stage you are unsure where you are paid to you can e-mail our office. If your circumstances change during the tenancy and you are having difficulty paying your rent on time, speak to your property manager immediately, don’t let the situation get out of control as this is when we take abrasive action and will issue you with a Notice To Leave. Just remember you are writing your own rental history and the best thing you can do is keep it clean.

Emergency Contact Details

If it is during working hours please phone our office on 08 8985 5678

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a property?

Once you have viewed the property you will need to fill out and sign an application form. Being prepared and ensuring the form is completely filled out will help the leasing consultant to process your application quickly.
A tenancy application can be downloaded here and is also available at the exhibition.

What documents do I need to accompany my application?

You are required to submit 100 points of ID. This can be made up of documents like pay slips, bank statements, group certificates, previous rent receipts, written rental or character references or a copy of a passport or driver’s licence.
When completing your application please ensure that all phone numbers provided are for day time contact and people nominated as a referee / employer / current lessor or agent are aware that we will be contacting them. If you are faxing your application, please photo copy it first, then fax the copy, this makes it easier to transmit and read.

When will I find out whether I am successful with my application?

If you have provided all the information required, we will discuss the details of your tenancy with the lessor as soon as possible. They will then make the decision on who the successful applicant is. You will then be advised of the lessor’s decision. Please allow up to five days for an application to be processed.

If I am successful what do I need to bring in to sign up?

If you are successful, we will discuss the details of the tenancy with you. A bond, equivalent to four weeks rent and a fortnight’s rent in advance, will need to be paid on or before the signing of your tenancy agreement. Both the bond and initial rent are payable by bank cheque. All further rent payments are to be made via direct debit. You will need to have your bank account details on hand to complete the direct debit service agreement.