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Vacant properties

As soon as we receive a notice to vacate from the current tenant, or when you entrust us to find a suitable tenant, your property will be prominently listed in our in-house Rental Property Guide and on top real estate websites. This ensures maximum visibility and helps to quickly secure the next tenant.

Property inspections

At Territory Real Estate, our dedicated Property Management team combines rigorous training with extensive knowledge of the Act and the industry. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, our staff exceed expectations through a strong commitment to personal service. Unlike many agencies that prioritize tenants, we focus solely on our clients’ needs. What sets us apart is our leadership; our principal boasts over 17 years in Property Management, highlighting our passion, not just our profession.

Tenant selection

We personally accompany all prospective tenants to properties; we do not hand out keys. Each prospective tenant must complete a comprehensive tenancy application and provide valid identification totalling 100 points—this includes photo ID and proof of income. We conduct thorough checks on references and employment history. However, the invaluable insight gained from years of experience often guides our decisions, tapping into our well-honed instincts.

Changing agencies

If you’re dissatisfied with your current property management, switching to us is easier than you think—and at no cost to you. We handle all the details: we’ll contact your current agency, inform your tenant about the change, and collect all necessary documentation and keys. Let us simplify your management switch.

Smoke alarm compliance

Following recommendations from NT Fire and Emergency Services, we ensure that all properties are equipped with photoelectric smoke alarms. These alarms, which are either hardwired or powered by a 10-year lithium battery, meet the Australian Standard 3786-1993 and are installed outside sleeping areas and on every level of the dwelling.


We strongly recommend taking out Landlord Insurance. We provide detailed information from various insurers, enabling you to make an informed decision. By consulting directly with the insurer, you can be assured of comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.

Financial transactions

All funds collected on your behalf are securely held in our rental trust account and are disbursed to you at your convenience—either mid-month, end-of-month, or both. We also manage payments for repairs, maintenance, council rates, insurance, and body corporate fees, consolidating all your property-related expenses into one clear, concise statement for the financial year.

Tenant rental payments

We monitor rental payments daily and take immediate action at the first sign of delay. Our proactive approach ensures issues are addressed promptly, maintaining steady cash flow and minimizing potential rental arrears.

Property management specialists

Are you considering renting out your property? Our dedicated team at Territory Real Estate is committed to managing your property meticulously, ensuring only the most suitable tenants are selected.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in maximizing your property investment.